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Page 6 - Ronald Paul Kabat, CPA

I would not take lobbyist contributions.

Please read about the Sugar Formula by placing your mouse over the above pdf.file title and clicking it. The four page document will temporarily replace this page.

The Sugar Formula presents my research showing how your food costs are increased $3.4 billion annually, 10,000's of jobs are being sent to Mexico and Canada, $300 million was given to 'Big Sugar' during this fiscal year, the environment is being polluted in the Florida Everglades and our Government annually takes a double loss from buying sugar at too high a price and then selling it to ethanol manufacturers at a large loss! Soda manufacturers charge more for soda made in Mexico but Mexico has a substantially lower sugar cost thanks to our Congress.

The bottom line is that all of this was generated by lobbyist's money relating to H.R. 693. This was a proposed amendment to reform the sugar commodity in our 2014 Farm Bill. Sugar reform only failed by 16 votes. During the past few years, Sam Farr received over $110,000 from 'Big Sugar' and voted to keep sugar costs high against your interests. Consequently, he voted in favor of increasing your food costs, sending jobs out of the USA, giving $300 million to 'Big Sugar', polluting the Florida Everglades, and having Government take a large double loss of your tax dollars on the sugar commodity.

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